10 AM: Mirella Del Mondo – Live Event

BAD ASS Boundaries

3 steps to creating the respect you desire!

Do you keep agreeing to do things you wish you hadn’t? Are you continually over-extending yourself for others?
Maybe you’re an energy worker who gives so much of herself and ends up feeling drained. Possibly a tired mum who is tired of giving in. Or sick of taking on too much to impress your boss. Perhaps you are trying to please your partner in bed and not really that into it!

I know this only too well having done all of the above myself. My clients, friends and family have battled with this. For so many women it seems like it’s in their DNA!

Witnessing these beautiful women from all age groups, worn out from over-giving and feeling empty, I knew I had to share what finally worked for me.

Name: Mirella del Mondo   
Email: radiantawarewomen@ashpillaygmail-com
Website: RadiantAwareWomen.com

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