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The 4 steps to luscious liberated living

Are you ready to make the best out of the rest of your life? Gifting you the first part of my 4-part Masterclass Series to support you to shift limiting beliefs and past patterns that have sabotaged your growth and relationships. If you don’t learn let go, you won’t grow!

In spiritual communities, we often by-pass the painful pieces we need to face on our pathway to freedom. Being in denial of what needs healing, we disconnect from ourselves, from others and rob ourselves of the gift of living in our true power.

This series will support you to heal your heart, release the hold of toxic relationships (with yourself and others), clear energetic blocks and rewire yourself for freedom, happiness and healthier relationships.


As a Women’s Transformation and Freedom coach, my soul-driven purpose to see you truly thrive, independent of past trauma, current challenges and future fears.

Gaining the skills to shift my own dysfunctional past and recovery from abuse, it became my heart-fuelled mission to help facilitate change.
After 3 decades of experience in alternative health, yoga therapy and various modalities of mind-body medicine,I yearned to delve even deeper. This led me into the world of neurobiology and trauma-informed coaching.
Working with the deepest parts and structures of the brain, affects how you operate even when you are not aware of it.
I now use the VITA™ Method, combining potent tools and techniques from somatic theory, neuroscience and the foundational therapeutic principles of modern psychology together with spiritual eastern practices.
Specializing now in Women’s Empowerment, Sexuality, Love and Relationships, I help women to reclaim their visibility, worth and their voice. This creates a ripple effect through every other area of your life.
At this point in the world we can all benefit from strategies, tools and resources to help us evolve through these times.
Through my 1:1 and group programs and live events, I endeavour to be part of the change we all desire to see.


* Free 1 hour session  and * 2 guided  meditation audios

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