Mikko & Biji Carrea- USA

New Earth Frequency

Without a shadow of a doubt, the old system is dying. A New Earth is taking its place. While the vast majority of the collective has been asleep to this epic and unprecedented transition, Mikko and Biji have been steadfastly preparing for the past 15 years.

To live in harmony on New Earth, we must be energetically and spiritually aligned.

Gone is the disconnect from ourselves and each other. Gone is the disconnect from the Divine.
We live in alignment.
We live in harmony.
We live in peace.
We live in abundance.
Our purpose is not to grind and graft for some material outcome, rather to explore the bounteous wonders of the Universe – to learn, evolve and grow.

The New Earth portends a truly magical existence, a new paradigm “Golden Age”. Many are waking up to this new reality.

Given that you found your way here, chances are you are, too. You sense it. You want it. But, you just don’t quite know how to get it.

In this talk, Energy Masters Mikko and Biji share their secret to becoming the creators on the New Earth and how you can feel this New Earth Frequency.


Mikko and Biji are gifted healers, energy alchemists, cosmic partners, and co-founders of LoveAll 5D. Bolstered by years of disciplined study and practice, as well as a deep commitment to their Soul path, Mikko and Biji work directly with conscious energy to help their clients align with the highest version of themselves. Mikko and Biji are profoundly gifted healers individually, but when united together, their power is transcendent. Their harmonious energies cultivate a yin-yang essence that brings unconditional love, healing and transformation to everyone they work with.

In recent years, they have focused their energetic prowess on launching LoveAll 5D, a conscious company specializing in energy mastery, transformational healing and multidimensional media. LoveAll 5D offerings include online education, conscious media, membership programs, as well as a host of healing experiences such as retreats, workshops, and one-on-one energy work. Mikko and Biji created this sacred space for people to unite, awaken and live a conscious lifestyle. Along the way, they’ve attracted other members of their soul family into this New Earth business. Now, Mikko, Biji and the LoveAll family are serving their mission by bringing love and consciousness to the planet.


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