Michelle Sugiyama

Are the snacks calling you?

With Covid, have you been sneaking into the snack cabinet a bit more than usual? Well, my family and I have been experiencing just that. Especially, my 9-year old daughter who forages for food every 15 minutes! It’s not that she is truly hungry but most likely bored, overwhelmed by her school work or frustrated with her homeschool teachers. LOL.

Ask yourself, are you truly hungry or did you get hit by an eating trigger. Are you stressed out? Are you hungry for something else, say, human connection?

I’m very excited to talk about Mindful Eating since, from personal experience, it I can tell you exactly what it is not. With the luxuries of the 21st century, many of us are very disconnected with our food. We can buy food that’s been shipped 1000’s of miles, with a few clicks on our phone, we can get food delivered right to our door and we often do not appreciate the wonderful smells and tasted or appreciate how it nourishes and heals our body.

I’d like to talk about why we eat when we’re not truly hungry. And, give you tips and tools that you can immediately add to your everyday life….


Michelle Sugiyama engages, inspires and empowers people to take control of their health. While she is the Founder of Mindful Eating, a Master Certified Health Coach, National Speaker and Nutritional Chef, Michelle did not begin her career in wellness. She received a M.S. in Chemistry and then quit corporate America after ten years. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and founded a personal chef company so families could eat healthy food around their own dinner table. She went back into corporate America as the highlight of numerous employee wellness programs with captivating seminars and culinary demonstrations. Michelle’s passion for lifelong education and service lead her to a health coaching certification and on track to become Board Certified this fall.

For over 15 years, Michelle has enhanced the wellness of busy women, families and employees at mid-sized to Fortune 100 companies by bridging the gap between knowing you should be healthy and actually doing it. While science-based, with a focus on the microbiome, she gives simple, effective and practical tools so you can truly enjoy the golden half of life. Michelle’s inspirations are her 8-year-old adopted daughter and 101-year-old grandmother; whose mantra was Health is #1.

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