Michael Coyle

Living in flow

The flow process is one where we naturally align ourselves with the flow of Divine energy. There are many names for this energy, Love, Tao, Grace, Divine Guidance, God, and Buddha.

Life is a continual flow, it is always moving, the planet, the sun, the stars, and everything is constantly active. There is a stream of consciousness, it is flowing and contains everything, physical and non-physical. When we flow along with this consciousness everything seems to fall into place, when we go against it then things don’t seem to fit and we create resistance, then we are operating from a place of ego.

In this talk I’ll be discussing how to align and stay connected and how to consciously live in the flow. I will go over what blocks us and what we need to do to experience a life of peace and harmony, especially in a chaotic time.


Michael Coyle has been practicing Life Coaching and Life Alignment for over 20 years. He teaches Life Alignment and has a successful coaching business called Coaching Culture Clubs, which helps people with personal development and skills training through clubs and online.

‘Since 2000 I have been running a very success practice as a coach, mentor and Life Alignment practitioner and teacher. I also run my own workshops and have developed my own unique programs for my clients. I teach people the Life Alignment modality and how to facilitate coaching clubs.’

He runs workshops teaching people about developing their sense of self-worth, discovering their life purpose and living life in flow and alignment.

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