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Journey into the Energy of Abundance

In March this year I started receiving guidance to create a channeled Oracle card deck working with the Energy of Abundance.

Images, meanings, even energy activations linked to powerful sacred places on the earth linked to each of the cards started coming through in meditation, in my dreams, and in clearseeing moments as I went about my life.

The first ten cards gives us a valuable roadmap towards truly embodying the energy of Abundance in all aspects of our life.

In this talk I’ll take you through the first ten cards and what they tell us about the process towards truly living greater abundance, the blocks keeping us from living that potential and the different facets of that energy, sharing bits about the process of their creation as well.

Intuitively choose a number between 1 and 10 as you listen, to discover which step or aspect will be of particular benefit to you at this point in your own personal journey into the Energy of Abundance.


Melanie Britz is an author, speaker, mystic, spiritual storyteller and facilitator passionate about helping you live your best life now.

She lives in Somerset West, South Africa.


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