Maxine Immelman – South Africa

Healing from Cell level

* Healing the root cause of disease
* It’s not just a plaster – it is a REAL solution
* The importance of cell health
* Different ways to lift cell vibrations
* Using an integrated natural healing method to feel ALIVE again!


Maxine uses an integrated natural health approach to heal the root cause of illness.

She is a qualified Master Herbalist, Naturopath, Vibrational therapist, Meditation teacher, Cannabis specialist, Reiki Master and Canine holistic healer, to
name a few.

Her constant research and learning ensures that she is always on top of all the holistic healing genres.

She believes in healing the physical and the emotional aspects, to keep the body in perfect balance for optimal health.

She is a published author of non-fiction adult books and the creator of The Herb Chronicles, an fun, educational book series to teach children about the healing properties of plants.



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