Mark Bind

Healing Past Life Trauma

The history of mankind is riddled with trauma and hardship. The trauma we have experienced is carried on our energy bodies and effects us in many subtle and profound ways. If you are ready to release yourself from the chains of the past, then register below to find out how you can heal.

– Discover the 5 parts of your energy body where past life blockages occur.
– Learn how to release stuck energy from your energy field.
– Understand how trauma is held in the body.
– Find out what academic researchers are discovering about reincarnation.

– And more…..


Mark is an internationally certified intuitive energy healer and a teacher & trainer of energy healers. Mark is also a founding partner at Moyo Talks and Moyo, The Heart Centre and is a partner at The 8 O’Clock Club.

Mark has qualifications in hypnosis, coaching, time line therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. After an entrepreneurial career Mark made the shift to follow his passion and brings a unique blend of spiritual wisdom, psychic skills & compassionate coaching grounded with business & life experience.

As an intuitive energy healer Mark has spent several years exploring every physical symptom experienced by his family and has developed the Complete Aura Restoration, a proactive approach to energy healing that restores the entire energy body to its original state of divine light to assist with the ascension process.

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