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Smart, sustainable living is the home-life nirvana for those who have selected a holistic conscious lifestyle, they are opting for greener technologies, renewable energy, carbon-offsetting and smart-homes to support their desire to minimise their impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Core to this is energy efficiency, resource conservation, zero-waste and recycling. It’s no surprise then that the use of technologies that reduce their ecological footprint and improve their quality of life is on the rise. Moving forward, their buying and living. There has been so much panic and misinformation about the Corona Virus that has put people into the awful space of living in fear. At this workshop I will discuss Fear and what it does to us, the reason why we have the Corona Virus and what we can do about it both Spiritually and physically.

I will also facilitate a powerful visualization to bring the Golden Light into our bodies to strengthen and cleanse them against the virus.
We are not helpless and out of control unless we allow ourselves to be!


I am Margi from Angel Connection and I am a very experienced Spiritual Teacher and workshop facilitator who for more than 20 years has been enlightening and empowering others.

I am passionate about Angels and Ascension and how best to live your life so that you can be the best you can possibly be. I am also the Principal and Founder of the Angel Connection School, Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Counselor, Past Life Regression practitioner, Reiki Master and Egyptian Healing practitioner.


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