Mara Schillaci

Blame vs Responsibility

One of the most detrimental spaces we can keep ourselves in is a space of blame. It is imperative in not only our healing but in our spiritual journey to recognise where we keep ourselves in spaces of blame and then have the ability to recognise which stories of blame can be rewritten into stories of responsibility.

It is essential to take responsibility in order for us to truly step into our personal power and in doing so, strengthening our Solar Plexus Chakra.

This teaching gives you a brief look into how to identify the stories of blame that may be keeping you trapped and then some simple steps on how to take responsibility and in doing so, find the key to set yourself free.


My name is Mara Schillaci. I am a Psychic medium, Reiki Master and Metaphysical teacher and Chakra Fanatic.
I focus on healing facilitation by understanding through relation with a focus on the Chakra system.

I am passionate about my work and love that it enables me to connect with people all around the world.
I so look forward to connecting with you xxx

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