Lynn Monoky – Video

Healing Modalities, Laughter Yoga, Kinesiology

Energy healing, including distance healing.
Fact or myth can this work?

Discussion on utilizing a surrogate for distant healing.

Reiki and Kinesiology healing sent from one location to an ailing person across the continent. It works and is extremely powerful.
Discussion about how to proceed with healing, and demonstration
of healing participants watching.

Explain Basics of Muscle testing & utilizing a pendulum in kinesiology


I am a psychic medium with the ability to hear and see spirits.
I was born with this gift and have done readings and crossing overs for over 25 years.
I furthered my studies in Healing becoming a Reiki Master, an Intergrated Healing Practitioner based in kinesiology, Laughter Yoga Therapist.
I like to combine the various healing modalities to suit the needs of the client to get the most benefit out of a session. Both Reiki and Integrated Healing have distant healing protocols and i have customized this. A client either skype video calls me or whats app video calls me ans by utilizing a surrogate for the healing its is extremely effective. I have done this from South Africa with clients in UK, Ireland, Australia with success

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