Louise Liebenberg – South Africa

The link between Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissism, Over Reactions and Codependency

Bordeline Personality is hugely misunderstood, and the diagnosis often comes with a ‘hard to treat’ label.
Narcissism has become the scapegoat for too many negative behaviors, and once again the label is ‘untreatable’
So what do these conditions have in common with the behaviors that are part and parcel of both:
Control issues
Challenging relationships

Is there really no hope? Do you just have to keep suffering? Because life for everyone around those with these labels are hard!

Let me present you with better understanding, deeper insight, therapy options and immediate solutions. It is time for us to do better, widen our understanding and step into our own power to improve the situation.


Louise is an international bestselling author and transformational coach and counselor who specializes in Adult Child Syndrome, Self Esteem Development and Transforming Unresolved Grief.
She loves taking long road trips with her husband, exploring new places on her motorbike. At home she likes nothing better than writing her next book with three cats curled up on her legs. She gets her creative outlet in doing stained glass and ceramics.
As your “Fearless Magnificence Coachelor” she believes in your ability to shine, overcome and transform your life and relationships.


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