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By Bhakti Marga South Africa
Dedicated to Nurturing Unconditional Love in your heart and sharing it always.

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A JOURNEY FROM THE MIND TO THE HEART… Love is the highest prayer and to live a life of Love is a journey that starts with an experience and becomes a lifestyle. Chanting is an act of loving service to all of creation. It is in giving that you will receive and will nurture the unconditional love in your heart. Come join in Chanting OM Online as an act of love and service to all of creation.

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10h00: Suki Klair: A Messages of Hope from the Lady of Light. An intergalactic being of higher dimension.

A conversation with a divine being of light from a higher dimension who brings messages of hope, peace and love. We will discuss the current situation, how we got here and future of humanity.

11h00: Fiona van Rensburg

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Join Fiona van Rensburg as she talks about…. Heart matters

Open heartedly talking about matters of the heart.
How to heal by releasing years of unexpressed heartache and pain
Physical symptoms of a closed heart chakra
How to practice what brings your hearts joy, follow your hearts dreaming.
Practical tips shared followed by questions and answers section.

12h00: Stephan Hoffman and Michael Edward Bradford

Join Stephan Hoffman with special Guest Michael Edward Bradford from the USA as they chat about Surviving and Thriving in the Dark Night of the Soul.

The Dark Night of the Soul can come upon us unexpectedly. How you deal with it however is thankfully not a path you have to walk alone. Join Michael Edward Bradford and Stephan Hoffman as they discuss how to navigate this trying experience, as well as sharing their personal stories of their own journeys.

Michael Edward Bradford MA is an Author, International Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach who has developed intuitive, spiritual approaches that quickly identify, transform and transmute the deepest root cause of your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic challenges. Using his multi-dimensional approach, his clients frequently make massive breakthroughs in all areas of their life, including their health, healing, personal excellence, spiritual growth, relationships, business and finances. With 40+ years of experience assisting over 20,000 clients globally, Michael has the knowledge and the experience to assist, empower and support you.

USA Phone, WhatsApp & Signal: (+1) 760-844-2778 – Email:

13h00: Sheila Balgobin – The REAL Reasons Why We Dream of Our Exes

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Do you know how many things were invented because of dreams? Have you ever had a dream save your life?

Find out more about dreams – and what it means when our exes appear in them in an interactive talk about the REAL reasons why we dream of our exes.

14h00: Psychic talk With Priscilla Gendron

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Can you communicate with your loved ones that are in spirit or do you know things before they happen, maybe you feel your intuition is a lot stronger than most.

Join Psychic Medium Priscilla Gendron and International Medium Leo Bonomo as they explore all things Psychic and Mystical and a lot more. Offer some words of wisdom and messages from spirit.

15h00: Laura Ballet: Empowerment

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Through this powerful book, you will become the architecture of positive and creational thought, shifting your experiences into empowering outcomes.

16h00: Pati Scamacca – Transforming Shadow into Loving Presence

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Transform core issues holding you back to your fullest potential. Connect your shadow feelings and beliefs to your higher awareness to turn obstacles into a source of inspiration. Reunite with your god spark for growing in self-love, acceptance, and your true nature of loving presence.

17h00: Authentically-Me Nirvana UNIFIED ROUND TABLE

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ONE is everything and EVERYTHING is ONE – Unified field.
Every Voice Is Different. And Everyone’s Voice Is Needed… This is My Voice!
How far can we go? Are you prepared to journey deeper with me? Share your vulnerabilities, beliefs and fears?
By connecting we discover the best from / of each other. Inspire – Challenge – Transform – Connecting AND Learning Together!
I Ask the questions… That you are you thinking, but not Asking?
This is Authentically Me
I am Nirvana Lange
And is hosting a round table with
Tim Jenkins, Simon Hansen, Claudia….