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By Bhakti Marga South Africa
Dedicated to Nurturing Unconditional Love in your heart and sharing it always.

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A JOURNEY FROM THE MIND TO THE HEART… Love is the highest prayer and to live a life of Love is a journey that starts with an experience and becomes a lifestyle. Chanting is an act of loving service to all of creation. It is in giving that you will receive and will nurture the unconditional love in your heart. Come join in Chanting OM Online as an act of love and service to all of creation.

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10h00: Frida Joosting talks on “Life a journey of discovery”

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Life is an incredible mystery which through experiences over time reveals itself. An incredible journey in which truth and reality can be found through release of identification with the physical, mental and emotional forms of our existence; a journey from heavy limited matter into the expansion of light energy. A journey, a life’s process from being ignorant and careless, becoming aware and loving towards oneself and so towards others. A process in consciousness, uniting us within the heart, the portal to realisation of our Higher Self. For sure Life a journey of discovery!

11h00: Body and Mind Panel – Rising out of the Ashes and reinventing yourself. Finding new ways to do life. Transformation and resurrection.

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Guest speakers:

Nirvana is hosting the Body and Mind Members Panel of experts with guests:

Dawn Cameron is a professional Chirologist who uses an academic discipline and behavioral psychology to analysis the gifts, talents and potential etched in your hands. She will decode and discuss your strengths and opportunities with your relationship, career and physical well being.

Pravina Maharaj is a radio producer at Lotus FM SABC and when not scripting radio shows, she loves writing fiction. She’s had short stories published in YOU and DRUM magazines and is a published romance author. Angel of Ice, her debut romance novel, was shortlisted for the 2017 Minara Aziz Hassim Literary Awards.

Evelyn Alessandri – Is an Intuitive Coach, combining life coaching with energy healing. She have been in practice for 6 years. Earlier last year she decided to work on putting a gratitude journal together and before she knew it she was combing the journal with an introspective journey that the purchaser could do to help them live a happier life. Working with gratitude is the greatest gift of all.

12h00: Fiona Van Rensburg from Portal of Alchemy talks on Fear

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How to deal with and overcome fear. So many lives has been affected by fear the past year. How to rid yourself of fear, stress and anxiety.

13h00: Esther Apoussidis – Following our Heart (to Empowered Decision-Making)

How to learn to trust your heart over your head. We are taught at school, in the workplace and by society as a whole to make carefully thought out decisions, based on analysis, data and facts and take appropriate action. But what often happens is that we forget about the role of our heart and feelings. Feelings are a barometer of our energetic wellbeing. We forget to ask the critical question of whether this “feels” right, “is it in alignment with my soul’s purpose?” We are so detached from our body and our soul when we rely solely on the head to guide us. We make choices that restrict flow and cause dis-ease. After my own “heart” lessons, I’ve changed the way I go about self-empowerment – I allow ideas to flow through my head, but I anchor them to aligned action by connecting these with my heart. I use the Energy Alignment Method to assist in joining our 3 main energy centres and allowing the heart to lead the way.

14h00: Psychic talk With Priscilla Gendron

Can you communicate with your loved ones that are in spirit or do you know things before they happen, maybe you feel your intuition is a lot stronger than most.

Join Psychic Mediums Priscilla Gendron, Suki Klair and Leo Bonomo as we explore all things Psychic and Mystical and a lot more. Offer some words of wisdom and messages from spirit.

15h00: Viviane Chauvet – Power of Your Words!

Words are like vibratioanl waves that convey energy, intention, emotions, etc. Improving your communication involves correcting outdated thoughts and belief about yourself, others, the world!

Our minds can process hundreds of questions and decision-making daily – like shooting stars bombarding the sky. How you ask questions is an essential art! The idea is that the inner you – the subconscious mind – which is where these answers come from, knows your needs much better than your conscious mind. Your mind is a powerful tool that constantly emits thought-forms. How is the quality of your thoughts today?

16h00: Tina Tesch-Myers – DNA Designer Nutrition

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Your DNA makes you unique, one genetic code one body. You don’t need everyone’s Nutritional Supplement. Your DNA knows exactly what it wants and Uforia delivers it, welcome to your designer nutrition.

17h00: Authentically-Me Nirvana UNIFIED ROUND TABLE

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ONE is everything and EVERYTHING is ONE – Unified field.
Every Voice Is Different. And Everyone’s Voice Is Needed… This is My Voice!
How far can we go? Are you prepared to journey deeper with me? Share your vulnerabilities, beliefs and fears?
By connecting we discover the best from / of each other. Inspire – Challenge – Transform – Connecting AND Learning Together!
I Ask the questions… That you are you thinking, but not Asking?
This is Authentically Me
I am Nirvana Lange
And is hosting a round table with
Tim Jenkins, Simon Hansen, Claudia….