Lisa Chamaine – USA

The Wonderful World of Colour Mirrors

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Colour Mirrors! Colour Mirrors uses the psychology of colour to help you reach your full potential. There are 19 colours in the system, and each colour choice you make acts as a mirror – both the potential you hold and anything that blocks you or causes issues. Colour Mirrors can be used with clients for personal, business, and spiritual empowerment. The bottles are an accurate way to identify mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages – and clear them from cellular memory.


Hi, I’m Lisa Chamaine of Lisa’s Healing Tree! I have been communicating with spirit since I was a child. I thought that this was normal until I would share this information with others that I saw and spoke with animal and human spirit guides and teachers. The weird reactions I received from people when I would tell them this made me keep this part of life to myself until I was in my adulthood. I finally realized my spiritual gifts were something to share with others and I decided to step into my Divine Authentic Self and create Lisa’s Healing Tree. I use a variety of modalities such as Numerology, Spirit Communication, Crystal Therapy, Essential Oils/Essences, Animal Communication/Energy work, Oracle Card Readings, and more recently the wonderful and life-changing world of the Colour Mirror system. I come from a creative, heart-centered energy and light space of communication to help others on their human soul journey. This is a true calling, J.O.B. Joy of Being for me to be of service to humanity, the animals, and Mother Earth/Gaia.


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