Linda Vargas – South Africa

The 10 programs on “the joy of travelling light”

Join Linda as she will be chatting about the 10 programs which she has devised, which are based on her book. They cover diverse topics but are all about learning to unpack your mental baggage in order to travel light. She offers each program for individual mentoring as well as business and private group settings.
Her contact details are: or
She is also running a 5 week STAMPdance package which includes one of the mentor programs and a stamp dance class on a Saturday morning at 10.15.

Did YOU pack your bag?

Did YOU pack your bag? This talk aims to create awareness of the mental baggage that many of us carry. The topic suggests taking individual responsibility for the beliefs and mental programmes we all carry. Linda Vargas will explain how to become more aware of the mental baggage we often carry and how to begin to unpack and repack our thinking in a way that is more in alignment with personal and collective well-being.


Linda Vargas is a professional flamenco dancer and teacher, as well as a university lecturer in Cultural Diversity studies. She is a pioneer in multicultural relations and self published author on Amazon. Find her on Facebook Instagram and her website


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