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Make Your Mark

Becoming aware of how we can mark the lives of others with our words and actions is an empowering thing. It brings the knowledge that we need not live down to other’s expectations. It brings the recognition of how we can manifest our reality differently.
I tell stories, and I listen to the stories of others. When we understand we can choose which stories we pass on THEN we can change our world, THEN we become the ones who leave the past in the past and take forward that which is progressive, positive and uplifting. We become the change we want to see.


A former zoo keeper and veterinary nurse my career took me to Monaco and back again to Scotland. Through some interesting catalysts I became a Master Practioner of NLP, Erickson Hypnosis and Storytelling. I am also a Shamanic Practitioner and Consultant.
Storytelling is a powerful vehicle for change. I have used metaphor in team building exercises and for individual therapeutic means. Having worked in Italy, France, Monaco, Canada and the UK the one constant is, story.


A 20 minute consultation with me, exploring how their story is manifesting their reality and what they may do about changing things, with an opportunity to go on to have a 5% discount off of a 1 hour session.

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