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In this real- time experience of constriction, challenge, and distortion, I am here, to merge with you. A reflection of the hidden knowing that has settled deep with, almost undetectable, that you are a powerful, and purposeful being. Awaiting to journey into your full potentiality that is ready for expansion, self-awareness, and collective unity. Do not allow the mass messaging to forestall your legacy. We are in here in physical form, to reconnect with a higher knowledge, and to activate a global alliance. Do not let anyone guide your sensory towards a defeatist nature. Remember, you are power in motion. Stay positive and advance… Do not glance at the power…Become the power…


I am an energy being. Energy is in everything. I move through my moments connected to the awareness of positive, negative, or neutral energy. I see the movement, the current, of energy, and how the settlement happens. I witness how individuals mistake companionship of routine and acceptance as a way of life. I guide my clientele and readership away from negative patterning, through to positive outcomes. Together, we challenge the threshold of limited thinking, and we advance towards a higher level of human potentiality. We begin to see how we think about thought, and our place within the collective community. I support my clientele to take accountability as to the value or constriction we add or keep in place, within the global network. We goal forward, expanding the knowing, that you are power in motion. You do not bend towards physical, emotional, or consciousness subtraction, or to any outside force, or internal outdated mind system. You are in position for self-evolution and together, we will facilitate your advancement.


 1 X Online self paced cpd accredited Mindfulness for Empowerment and Resilience training

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