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Sensory Perception for a new World

When it comes to knowing which choice to make, which path to follow and which reality to manifest in a changing world, it is essential to be able to count on and rely upon tools that develop an inner knowing.

Join the discussion on which tools and techniques are best for making powerful choices for your future. How to protection and gauge a path to walk and thrive moving forward in life.

The presentation will bring a scientific understanding of how light and reality works from a kaleidoscopic multidimensional perspective and how you can use these tools to become the multidimensional being you are.


International Presenter and Quantum Energy Coach.

Founder and Facilitator of Kaleidoscopic Light Energy Projections, Quantum Energy Coach and Colour & Crystal Therapist. I am a natural born psychic with a background in colour and basic emergency medical procedures. I was able to help people who found themselves in distress whether from an accident or an illness.

This was the foundation that prepared me as a healer to recognise the depth of trauma we carry around with us every day that not everyone really sees.

As an intuitive healer who can see where beliefs are stuck in the body, it is essential to have a selection of tools that work. QEC has given me a new freedom to channel the direction of insight quicker with a very specific formula to help my clients shift paradigms.

Colour and QEC go hand in hand, they effectively shift reality in a blink of an eye proving we are all but pure consciousness choosing to live a life we call being human with its many facets. We are crazy diamonds.

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45min Soul Astrology reading with a 20min skype session

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