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Mindset is Everything

Having studied and practiced both integrative and traditional medicine, it is clear a person’s mindset profoundly impacts how they see and interact with the world. Through a combination of boundary assessment, self-talk and care, gratitude, optimism, and connection, I provide a formula on how to condition your mind to optimize wellness in the midst of these chaotic times. GOALS (Gratitude, Optimism, Assess Boundaries, Learn to connect, Self talk & care.)


Kristel Bauer PA-C is the Founder of Live Greatly, Podcast Creator and Host, University Lecturer, and Guest Speaker on multiple wellness topics. After years of practicing traditional medicine, a loved one’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis awakened a burning desire in Kristel to explore and examine what it truly means to be healthy. As a PA-C with experience in Integrative Psychiatry and Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine Fellow, and Reiki Master, Kristel founded Live Greatly to share her findings on how to best utilize a balance of Eastern and Western modalities to achieve optimal health in mind, body, & spirit.

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