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How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue

In this video, Kerry Magnus shares why many people continue to battle through chronic fatigue with the conventional medical system mostly being unable to provide a diagnosis or adequate treatment plan. She shares a unique view of ongoing exhaustion from the perspective of body, mind and spirit and why full and lasting recovery is unlikely if all aspects of this holistic picture are not addressed. Based on her own healing experience following a diagnosis of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and subsequent work with clients, Kerry shares tips and tools to support you to take your power back into your hands and to prepare the conditions to enable healing to happen. This is more than the usual eat well, rest often and stress less advice as she also focusses on the Holding Personality, the accumulation of personality patterns that create and maintain the depletion of many people battling with chronic fatigue. Finally, Kerry shares why having this awareness and the experience of chronic fatigue can be a powerful gift.


Kerry Magnus is an Holistic Psychologist and BodyTalk practitioner. She shares a specialised body, mind and spirit approach to support clients to overcome chronic fatigue by addressing the underlying psychological holding patterns that create physical and energetic imbalance and depletion.
Kerry experienced Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and through her own healing journey, research and exploration she not only improved her health and energy but discovered her purpose and passion in the process.
Through her signature Fatigue to Flow Coaching Programme Kerry supports clients to feel more empowered about their health, overcome chronic fatigue and embrace their purpose without burning out.


I wish to give away a complimentary 60 minute discovery session to support a lucky visitor to better understand how their chronic fatigue was created and is maintained and what they can do to start regaining balance and health.

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