Kelly Bonanno

Eco Friendly Living Made Easy

Eco Friendly Living Made Easy

– The truth about the toxic issue and why it’s important to go green and reduce toxic load.
– How to eliminate and avoid toxins commonly found in everyday products.
– Effective eco friendly habits and methods to easily implement.
– Tips on detoxing personal care and household routines.
– How to avoid being greenwashed.
– Recommendations on transitioning to clean, effective home, beauty and personal care products without giving up glamour!

Surprising facts about our environment and the toxic issue:

– Indoor environments are up to 10 times more polluted than the outdoors.
– Our skin can absorb as much as 60 % of what we put on it.
– Most conventional beauty, personal care and household products contain carcinogens and ingredients that cause allergies, autoimmune & other health issues.
– Environmental toxins found in homes account for an estimated 75-80% of cancer cases and deaths in the US.
– The EPA ranks indoor air pollution one of the top 5 environmental health risks.
– Babies are commonly born with over 200 toxins in their system before they are even out in the world.


Kelly Bonanno is an Eco Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Author & host of The Clean Beauty Scene Podcast. Eco wellness is her signature holistic and realistic approach to overall well-being based on the 7 Pillars of Health. Kelly’s specialty is helping busy, overwhelmed women go green, reduce stress, manage weight and transform health without giving up glamour! Kelly also helps business owners reduce sick days and burn out while increasing productivity, focus, and morale with her innovative Eco Wellness Programs and workshops.

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