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Energy Field Consciousness

Who do you think you are?
We grow up thinking – we are who we are – but this is only the personality we have grown to believe we are.
Because we are much more than our personality!
Energy Fields ‘hold consciousness’ together through the energy field traits we are strongest in.
Find out which traits are your strengths and which are your weaknesses.


Kay Urlich
Author, Healer, Master Class Speaker, Futurist
Kay demonstrates how the four beasts within control us and society. How energy field structures affect not only our health and relationships but gender and racial systems too.

After years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and western medical treatment, Kay discovered alternative healing therapies and self-help workshops. With an interest in exploring illness, she traveled the world meeting Spiritual Leaders, Gurus, and Shamans to gain knowledge through their sacred connection to universal consciousness.

Back in NZ Kay discovered the ‘structure of energy fields’. While healing her clients and using this method she began to measure the structures of religion, politics and business to ask how do these systems align energetically with consciousness?
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