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Come and hear about my journey in finding Seimei. I used to be a CPA working in Corporate America and now I am a holistic practitioner! While in Corporate I stayed in my local country to do my training and work. Now, I travel internationally for training and work. I talk about many things Seimei can do for you and your pets , plants and more. If you have pain, you owe it to yourself to listen to the talk and find out more about Seimei.


Katie is a trained Level IV Seimei practitioner. Her training took place in America and Japan, where she received the Awarding of Power Ceremony at the Houjyushu Houjyukai Temple in the Seimei headquarters, Saga, Japan. As a member of the Board of Directors and the Event Coordinator of the Seimei Foundation USA, Katie keeps herself very involved with the Seimei community.

Katie has a private practice, “Seimei Healing”, located in Westwood, NJ, where she works with her clients, both in-person and long-distance. Katie also continues to increase her knowledge of Seimei through classes and workshops held at the Seimei Foundation.

Katie is a highly skilled and effective Seimei practitioner as well as a warrior.

“I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls. At 13 months old, my first born daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with a rare stage 4 brain tumor. In Nov. 2011, 5 years into her cancer battle is when I found Seimei. In January 2012, I began learning Seimei, and it made such a positive impact on her. Seimei reduced her anxiety, decreased her pain, lessened her side effects to the medicines, and much more. This is why I am a warrior.”

Ever since, she continually trained with Seimei, both in the US and Japan. It started as a hobby and has now become her passion and career.

Her work encompasses leading workshops for private groups. nonprofits and corporations, sessions to individuals and offering 3 and 12 month programs through a partnership


 1 X Free Seimei session done over the phone or video call anywhere in the world.

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