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Integrating doTERRA Essential Oils Into Your Wellness Practice and Lifestyle

Have you heard the buzz about dōTERRA essential oils yet?

Oils are the latest health investment among nutritionists, health coaches, doctors, scientists, and everyday people (and for good reason!).

Learn about the top oils every home needs and why dōTERRA is the largest essential oils Company in the World. With over 140 oils sourced in over 45 nations, doTERRA truly offers Earth’s best gifts, and has become the #1 trusted essential oil brand.

Learn about their medical partnerships and why their 100% certified pure oils are revolutionizing health care internationally. Find out the ways doTERRA is lifting communities out of poverty and how you can be a part of this global movement.

Discover the natural, safe, affordable wellness solutions every person and practitioner deserves to have at their fingertips to support their immune system, get great sleep and have abundant energy.

doTERRA isn’t just a product, it’s a way of life, a lifestyle.


Karina’s journey using plant oils for health began at an early age through the introduction of hand-picked and distilled flower oils made by her grandmother for various remedies such as rosemary for hair growth, chamomile for skin softening and peppermint for tummy aches.

This generationally inherited knowledge of plant distillation and usage has thankfully been meticulously studied, fair-trade harvested, and medically perfected to deliver the purest and most potent oils, by the largest essential oil company in the world, dōTERRA®.

Graduating with a BSC honors in biochemistry and psychology, Karina continues to study and is well on her way to becoming a certified health coach. She believes in implementing daily rituals, routines, practices to develop healthy lifestyle choices for longevity, energy and stamina.

Continuing to inspire and promote the power of plants as a health professional (with a strong focus in gut dysbiosis and holistic weight-loss) at her Wellness Clinic in Los Angeles, Karina helps others integrate doTERRA essential oils into their daily lives and business practices.

Karina is proud to be one of their Wellness Advocates.


 Free Introductory Oil Kit (includes includes a 5 mL bottle of dōTERRA’s CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils).

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