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Liberate Your Voice. Liberate Your Life.

Your voice is vibration, it can be used to reduce stress and pain.

Your voice is a reflection of every experience or emotion you have ever had, imagined, or witnessed. It can be used to recognise which of those past experiences are holding you back in your personal and professional life.

Your voice holds a huge key to your emotional release and confident self.

But most people don’t use their whole voice. Most people limit how they use their voice in day to day life, keep it trapped quiet, and hidden; or use it as a barrier to hide behind to stop others seeing how they really feel.

In this talk Judith will share information so that you to start to understand the power of your voice vibration and how it connects, through your chakra energies, to held emotions that are restricting your life.

She will guide you through simple exercises and techniques on how to use your voice to reduce stress, raise your vibration, and fully express yourself.

When you liberate your voice, you truly can start to liberate your life.


Judith combines her experience as a voice vibration sound healer, qualified coach and classically trained professional actor to transform lives and businesses by liberating voices.

Judith re-connects you to who you really are, or were meant to be, and to the passion behind your purpose, so you can move forward in life.

She also helps her clients recognise and release their physical, mental, emotional and energetic restrictions so they can speak with more clarity, confidence and conviction, no matter the situation.

Judith is an international public speaker, author, oracle card deck creator, and member of both the Sound Healer’s Association and the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

Whole Voice. Whole Life. Whole You.


For one person I’ll offer a 45 minute online session (worth £150)

For everyone who attends the talk I’ll offer 50% off my online introduction to voice-vibration sound & chakra healing course.

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