Joy Truscott – Video

Waves of Awakening

 Reading energy signals in clients systems has revealed interesting patterns and changes as we have entered this massive space of transition towards our transformation. These patterns have been revealing specific information and guidance as to how we are to best access our unique Energy Being to support us in this global transition.
Joy Truscott poses the idea that perhaps these signals that first appeared around September 2017 were the precursors to the information we require now in 2020. It is an interesting parallel and still in its explorative state.


As a Clinical Counselor MSW, Integrative Energy Therapist, Trauma Release Specialist and Teacher I work with energy psychology and Guided Intuition to uplift, teach and guide my clients towards a deeper understanding of their Life Purpose and facilitate the release of embedded trauma and patterns that no longer serve us.


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    • Hello Dear Jan,
      Thank you for leaving a message and I am so delighted that you felt that connection. We are in an amazing time of transformation. Best wishes,

  • thank you Joy, I have been learning so much about this recently as I found out I had blocks to clear from my parents, bullying at school and at work. I have been healing my inner child and building more on connection with my self and soul, trusting and allowing more and more each day and peeling back the layers of having more connection with my true self. It truly is a good feeling of knowing and trusting

    • Hello Andrea Jane,
      Thank you so very much for watching that recording and it feels like very important information for us to know. I receive Guidance for all the work I put out and so I trust that it touches the Souls that are ready for this higher awareness. Beaming Love and Light to you.
      Best wishes,

  • Hi Joy,

    Just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed your talk and how much it resonates with my own personal journey.
    I found your information very inspiring, uplifting and informative. I received answers to questions that I have been asking myself lately and feel more connected to moving forward with trust and love.

    • Hello Seventh Son,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and I am delighted that it resonated with you. Keep asking and Trust – you will receive the answers.
      Best wishes,

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