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Galactic Gateway Codes

I am a coach living in Glastonbury for the last 9 years. It is the heart chakra and third eye chakra and creates a super intense journey.
I specialise in working with people who are ready to let go of their old story to embody the new.
This is an amazing time on planet earth to heal our heart and understand our ancestral pattern.
To remember who we really are.
Please join me to discover your own starcodes and Cosmology and how to optimise your transformational journey at this amazing time.


I am passionate about people living a magical life and discovering who they really are
I have been a student of psychology for over 25 years
I began my journey with energy healing modalities 13 years ago and became a holistic therapist
I have been working with astrology and the Mayan Dreamspell for 10 years and these frameworks are literally mindblowing
I work with women assisting their journey of awakening and empowerment using these frameworks ~ both on a one to one dynamic coaching basis and in groups . I specialise in assisting with healing the heart to create emotional health and freedom.


90 minute session to include Cosmic Codes and what the starry skies are aspecting for you right now
Where you are on your 13 year cycle

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