Jenny Watkins

Undefining you to know you

Continuous thoughts of wrongness and self judgment are a major cause of unhappiness, dis-ease in the body and overall physical and mental ill health.
The Access Consciousness tools can assist you to empower yourself, get out of judgment, so that you can know that you know, give you a greater sense of self, unlock the places that you have limited yourself over the years, out of auto pilot, conditioning and programming so that you can be all of you and create the life you truly desire.

I will share some of the Access tools and also talk about Access BarsĀ® and how that contributes to letting go of the electoral magnetic component of thought that gets held in the brain and how this can then get released from the body so that the cells can return to their spherical shape and heal.


Three years ago I left a successful career as a Senior Manager for an International Insurance Company to expand my Access Consciousness business. I had studied part time to become an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, BreakThrough Facilitator, Access BarsĀ® Facilitator and Certified Facilitator.

I have facilitated a large number of classes and private sessions around South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. I have done numerous presentations (including whilst working in corporate), held intro talks and I am currently holding classes and private sessions online.


30min private session

conference, speaker

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