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What Does Your Purpose Mean to You

I am excited to invite you to listen to my talk on What Does Your Purpose Mean To You! Hi, I am Janie Lin, Pattern Interrupter, Master Energy Tuner and Galactic Code activator, here to shift, and uplift humanity and consciousness on the earth. In this talk I will be going over what are Galactic Codes, what does Purpose mean to you, and why would you even want to have your purpose ignited, what stops us from stepping into our purpose and how you can change things by connecting to the earth and listening to your heart. I will wrap up by sharing how the Galactic Codes shift and change what you are asking for.


As a Galactic Code Activator, Janie Lin is a 3x international #1 Bestselling Author, Pattern Interrupter, Master Energy Tuner and a Facilitator, here to shift, uplift and expand consciousness on this planet. She has a background in Reiki Mastery, Health and Life Coaching and Massage therapy. Having practiced energy work for over 20 years, Janie learned how to read the energy of the physical and energetic body. She discovered how she could help others be in alignment with their truth. Janie gathered up all her tools and created a program called Ignite Your Purpose where she brings you into alignment with your purpose and your truth, so you can take inspired action, share your brilliance, and monetize your gifts. By integrating Galactic Codes, Janie shifts, upgrades and integrates you with the codes, to activate your alignment with your business,your relationships, your finances and your purpose.


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  • Hi Janie,

    Thank you for your wonderful inspiring talk of truth and soul searching. Your words truly resonated with me and gave me pause for thought.

    Bless you and keep on sharing and shing your radiant light over our blessed earth. Namaste!

  • Hello!

    Thank you for the informative discussion! I didn’t know we had 360 senses. What are some of these beyond the 6 basic sense?
    Sue Hayes

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