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Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Happy Life.

In today’s busy world, we are over-stimulated and less fulfilled than ever before.

Many of us suffer from chronic anxiety.

Many of us suffer from depression and/or low self-esteem.

Many of us manage our feelings and our busy lives by self-medicating with caffeine, nicotine, sugar, junk food, alcohol, and sometimes drugs.

To achieve a greater sense of happiness, it is essential that we manage both our physical AND emotional health with good daily habits.

This starts with self-care and mindset training.

Practicing daily self-care and managing your thoughts is truly the key to a happier life.

I invite you to join me and learn how.


Jackie de Crinis was a successful television executive, wife, and mother of three. She had worked for top studios and networks for over 30 years. Several of the television series that she helped develop and shepherd received Golden Globe and Emmy awards. In spite of great success, at the height of her career, she reached complete and total burnout. After years of juggling everything in her life for so long, she felt that she wasn’t even enjoying her life. She was simply surviving it.

She recognized that she needed to make some big changes. It started with a healthier diet, learning to meditate, and daily exercise. In becoming physically and emotionally healthier, she realized that she had found her true calling. This is how she became a Certified Life Coach.

She now devotes her life to helping others discover their best selves. She coaches individuals in developing better daily habits, becoming healthier, and happier. Her clients come to her for help in a variety of areas which include: Career, Weight loss, Romance, Developing Confidence, and Finding Joy.

Jackie has a podcast called Joy Hunting where she talks about healthy habits and mindset as the core foundation of a happier life.


– 90 minute Life Coaching Session

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