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How Fear Makes Your Choices – Transforming Your Life Blueprint

I’ll be talking about the Core Blueprint that every human has within them, mainly run by Fear responses. This is called the manufactured Blueprint. We dive into how the subconscious runs the show – your choices, reactions, decisions and your current life circumstances. We touch on how the body creates dis-ease and symptomatic occurrences due to the subconscious functioning of the individual. An informative, life changing talk not to be missed.


Isabelle Meiring – founder of Life Blueprint Therapy. ​
An expert in redefining the subconscious blocks of every client, Isabelle is an internationally applied Therapist, Philanthropist, Coach and Facilitator in the fields of psycho-emotional wellness and healing, Isabelle has for the past 8 years, run her own practice working intricately and deeply with people from all walks of life, each affected by a tapestry of various mental blockages, behavioral patterns, childhood traumas, limiting thought patterns and more. With her intensive strategy, she addresses and guides clients through their limitations into a powerful process of reprogramming the subconscious. Her precise and compassionate technique catalyzes the causes of depression, anxiety, stagnation in main areas of life; including career, relational, personal development and creative, uncovering Epigenetic influences a great deal of the time, in order to create a wildly successful, loving and fulfilling life for each client.​​

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