Iryna Vesela – South Africa

Why People Do Not Heal ?

Join Iryna Vesela as she takes you through the journey of healing and how it can help you in your life. Imagine – you are looking for help in alternative medicine, you found a highly recommended practitioner. You have done a series of sessions, and you don’t see results. The healing does not happen. Why????
 The Talk is attempting to bring the light on this issue. Hopefully,  having a closer look at possible difficulties on the road to healing will help some listeners to see the bigger picture or different perspectives of their situations,  and help to find a suitable method or practitioner.


My name is Iryna Vesela. I am a Ukrainian who was born in Siberia, married South African, and made KZN my new home! My journey to help people to heal began in 2014 by becoming a Reiki Practitioner and in 2017, I was certified as a Body Talk Practitioner.

I truly believe that a person always can heal, either from physical pain, a painful past, emotional hurt, or harmful distressing thoughts.


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