Helen Pengelly – UK

Meditation and Taming the Monkey Mind

Join Helen Pengelly Live as she chats about Meditation and How it can calm the Mind Body and Soul.


Helen Pengelly grew up in West London and has lived on the south coast in West Sussex since 1986 apart from a few years living abroad in Mallorca and Qatar in the 90s. You can see her on the beach most days walking barefoot and swimming in the sea. She has had a varied career as a youth leader, barmaid, bookkeeper, EFL teacher, maths teacher and running a business selling gluten free food. She now works as a spiritual coach and mentor after discovering meditation in 2006 which saved her life.
She volunteers as a driver for a local charity and as a cook at a Buddhist retreat center. She is an advocate for raising awareness of domestic abuse, neurodiversity, healing from trauma and providing more support for substance abusers and their families. She has a wicked sense of humour and does a bit of stand up comedy in her spare time.
Helen is on a mission to help people find happiness from within and promoting a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle by learning to be kind and compassionate to all. She believes we should all be working together to raise the consciousness of the planet, whatever our political or religious beliefs, to make the world a better place for all. She is passionate about reforming our education system and educating teachers to become more self-aware so they can be the change and create schools fit for the 21st century where difference is celebrated. She has a YouTube channel, Heal with Helen, and an online show, Unleash Your True Potential, where she interviews healers and spiritual practitioners from all over the world.
A typical day for Helen might look like swimming in the sea, a walk on the beach or in the woods, coaching a client or two, spreading some love on YouTube, meditating, cooking delicious vegan food, her yoga practice and reading in the bath or doing a Sudoku or two. She has 3 grown up sons.


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