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The Akashic Records

Have you ever had one of those weeks? Or worse yet, one of those months?
Just when you think you have your life rolling along, everything becomes very wobbly and you feel uncomfortable.

Like a vehicle with a flat Tyre!

Why is this happening? You’ve been working on yourself, trying to live an enlightened life. So why is everything so messed up?

When you’re not progressing as planned, the Universe starts sending you messages. Small at first, a message may simply be a feeling of discontent with your job. If you ignore this message, you’ll receive a bigger one. Maybe you’ll meet someone doing exactly what you would love to do and you have an immediate rush of excitement and even envy.

Luckily for us, the Universe is very persistent. If you ignore that initial signal, the Universe takes the next (and bigger) step. You lose your job.

In this video I explain what the akashic records are and how I work by clearing negative programming and blocks.


I am Heather Prince aka the Rootmaster – mum, grandma, entrepreneur and Founder of Fearlessly Moving Forwards Method for separated/divorced women. Here is a NO COST webinar…

When I am not juggling moving parts with sweaty palms, I am writing, drinking peppermint tea or watching really really bad TV.

You can reach me on social media (LinkedIn and Facebook) or drop me an email


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