Hanna Kok

How our subconscious defines us

Our subconscious mind is in charge 95% of the time. It was mainly formed between conception and age seven. Most of the time we are handling life as a seven year old having to deal with modern adult challenges.

What type of information do we find in the subconscious?
• Everything we have experienced from conception to now.
• The programming we blindly accepted as truths between conception and age seven
• Our beliefs about life and ourselves
• We have a lot of inherited information, especially inherited trauma’s
• And more

I want to give you some tools and techniques on how to change the subconscious, so that you have a more effective one to define them.


Hanna Kok was born and educated in the Netherlands. She moved to Southern Africa in 1984, where she lived for 12 years in a rural village in Lesotho, where she and her husband ran a trading station. In 1993 I qualified as a Brain Gym® trainer and later I also qualified as an Allergy Practitioner and Medical Intuitive.

After a family tragedy in 1996, Hanna moved to South Africa and started to follow her passion. She produced a number of products and services, by combining her training with her personal experiences. The mission is to make mental wellbeing easily accessible to all, including those who normally don’t have access to this. This enables more people to take charge of their lives and follow their dreams. In order for people to do this it is vital that their subconscious mind is aligned with the conscious.

Hanna created a web based app called Apphirmations, which is part of www.thelife-youwant.com website. This affirmations app is unique because it removes self-sabotaging beliefs and emotions from the subconscious, before putting uplifting ones in. It is a great tool to address many of the challenges South Africa and the world are facing. It is affordable and relatively easily accessible. We have a range of subjects including Abuse to Respect, Depression and Anxiety Release, Overcome Addiction and more.


Allergy Relief Apphirmations

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