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How to quieten the voice of anxiety

How to release anxiety and start living today.

I know you have probably tried medication and various other methods and they haven’t worked so why should this be different?

In November 2007, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I felt my world had come to an abrupt end. I spent the next 10 years on medication; tried CBT and counselling but none of these worked for me.

A friend introduced me to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy and I have also learned about breathe work and emotional freedom tapping (EFT). These have worked for me and I have had great success helping others using these methods.

It is due to the above life-saving techniques that I am here today wanting to help you.

I made it my mission to help myself and now it is my mission to help you


I was an HR Advisor. I owned my own house, or had my own mortgage, should I say. Had a car, went on nice holidays etc and then one day (I will never forget that day, it was the 6 November 2007) I suddenly felt my world had changed and I no longer felt comfortable in it. I was having a nervous breakdown. I went from being a confident businesswoman to a cowering wreck that didn’t want to be in this world anymore.

I battled with depression and anxiety and a toxic relationship over the next 13 years.

From an early age, it had always been my desire to help others. My journey so far has increased my empathy and my understanding of other people and their mental health. Now, I am qualified and experienced in NLP and Hypnotherapy. Reborn into a coaching role, where I have the power to help others on their own hero’s journey.



A recording of my metaphor that can be used for meditation re anxiety.

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