Gareth Sturch

Your Gut, The Key To Health?

Is there a key to living a healthy, happy life?
Well, the latest studies into the gut microbiome might hold the answer.
In my discussion I will address the following topics and how your gut plays an integral part in each issue.
Why is gut health important?
What have new studies helped us to understand about the gut?
How does your gut affect your brain?
How does your gut influence your disease potential?
What answers do natural health offer?
How can you improve your gut health?

I look forward to discussing these fascinating questions with you as well as how each of us can improve the lives of others through this knowledge.


I am an iridologist, natural health coach and corporate wellness consultant. I obtained my qualification at the School of Natural Health Science in the UK. I have been running my own private practice since 2017. I believe that the gut is the key to mental and physical health as well as longevity. Through pioneering an effective natural treatment methodology of the gut microbiome I hope to equip people with the tools they will need to live healthy happy lives.

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