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Colour Inspiration

Colours are all around us, from everything we see to what we wear. Colour can affect how we are seen by others and also how we feel about ourselves.
Take a journey through your chakras and learn what each colour means and how they can help you.
Discover how the healing power of colour energy can transform your life.

Frasser will give an overview on the meaning and power of colours and their relationship to you.


Frasser trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London. He works intuitively with Tarot, Numerology and Colours.

At the age of thirty his spiritual journey began. Having worked with many healing modalities including Reiki and Blu-e energy therapy Frasser’s real spiritual journey began after spending twelve months in China.

Frasser regularly travels internationally and has worked in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and China. He is currently based in England.

Frasser is passionate about teaching and sharing wisdom with others. His mission is to empower people’s lives by showing them how to tune into their intuitive gifts, which in turn transforms their lives. Frasser teaches in a fun and informal way which results in powerful and profound transformation

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Comments (3)

  • Oh WOW fantastic video so informative in a calm, no nonsense approach. Loved the comparisons to make and female colour choices. Meanings of each colours were clear and concise. Thank you Fraser

  • Hey Frasser; Thank you sharing such an insightful topic on colours and how they relate to our everyday life. Your talk was easy to follow and understand; loved your meditation; fabulous end to a inspiring talk.

  • Beautiful meditation Frasser, thank you. clear explanations of the colours with the video, and gentleness of your talk was easy to listen to. 🙂

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