Fiona van Rensburg – South Africa

What lessons has your relationships comes to teach you?

Healthy vs unhealthy relationships
Looking into the reasons why people tend to stay in unfulfilled relationships?
Have you gotten stuck at a certain stage in relationships and not know how to get to the next stage?
‘Should I stay or should I go’ crossed your mind lately
Come listen to us on Sat 16th October 2021 at 11am on the Wellness Lifestyle Conference

Sharing tools on liberating you from perceived societal stigma’s. This live discussion will take place between Fiona van Rensburg from Healing Heart Centre and Portal of Alchemy and Erica Anderson from Anderson Leadership Consulting.
Questions and answers will be shared

The Source of all that is

Sharing the latest enlightening realizations I’ve had. Taking full responsibility for our life, good and bad. Standing in our full Soul power. A message for humanity.

Spiritual Journey to Greatest Human Potential

The Portal of Alchemy celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary this year. My curiosity and intrigue started at a young age. Like most people, I tried all of the mainstream jobs that society and family expected of me, realizing that this was not where my happiness and success lied – I came to realize that being a healer was my true calling and never looked back.

The road to becoming a healer is by no means easy, but boy-oh-boy, it’s so worth it. It feeds my soul when I see how people shift and heal.

I get to meet clients is that has gone through some sort of emotional trauma, where a lot of people are in pain or in crisis or hurting in some way. And because of that, they don’t always know which healing to come for. I ask my Spirit Guides what is most appropriate to start with and it always works out for the best.

Sometimes we need to clear one thing before we can go onto the next thing. Like clearing chakra’s before we can continue with the Activation’s, and so I walk your Spiritual Journey next to you, seeing your progress and growth for myself. And that is what I am here for, that’s what I love to do. I will pick up what you need each step of the way.

The sooner we start, the quicker we can get you back to a healthy, stronger, more confident you!


In my 10 years experience as a Spiritual Healer I’ve taken clients on a journey of Spiritual Growth and Personal Development with phenomenal results. This talk will be on how to achieve your Greatest Human Potential. I’ll share on methods you can use to raise your vibration and show you how to shift into the next level of your evolutionary process. There is a great awakening that is taking place on the Earth at this moment in time and people need to stand more in their power than ever before, courageously.


One Lucky visitor can Win a 2 Hr Online One-on-One session with me to the value of R1000, done either via Whats App Video Chat, Skype or Zoom

Reiki healer spiritual empowerment


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