Evelyn Alessandri – Video

The Power of Gratitude.

How would you rate your inner contentment?
Improve your inner peace and lift your spirit with the practice of gratitude.

Studies show that people who practice gratitude everyday sleep better, suffer less from stress, anxiety, depression, have more energy and better moods.
Gratitude comes from the heart. It helps us to be present, to keep focusing on the good and it gives us another perspective when times are hard.

Evelyn will share her story on how gratitude changed her life and she will give practical advice and tips on how gratitude can turn your life around.


Evelyn is an Author, Speaker and Intuitive Coach.
In her coaching sessions, workshops and speeches her focus is to help people re-connect with their inner strength.

Her passion to reach out to a larger audience has resulted in her being active on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and more recently to launching a very special Gratitude Journal. This book has been designed to take you on a year-long journey of self-discovery.

Evelyn is regularly found speaking at events and companies on the Power of Gratitude.

Like many others, she had a real fear of public speaking. Bravely embracing this fear she joined Toastmasters. She has been an active member for 3 years and has recently been appointed as Area Director in the Durban area.

Evelyn has an impressive wall of certifications. She has also travelled extensively and lived abroad for several years. Having owned her own businesses for over 20 years she is able to resonate with her clients on many different levels.

Evelyn is married to her soul mate and celebrates 20 years of marriage in September this year. She is mother to Gabriella and step mom to Zundra.

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