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Divine living. From logic to Intuition.

In the 21st century we live in information overload, getting lost in our mind, trying to figure things out with logic only and control every part of our life. Many of us not even realizing that by doing so, we are limiting ourselves and standing in our own way of living a joyful life and following a path of abundance.

In the Age of Aquarius it is not only possible, it becomes the only way forward to learn to combine logic and intuition, so our inner masculine and feminine energies can be healed and balanced, which then cascades out to society and creates a new way of being, replacing struggle with thriving.

My story is about shifting from logic to intuition, from lack, to prosperity consciousness. In my talk I share the key elements of this shift with you, the secrets of Divine living, so you can too live your passion, whilst being fully supported by the Universe financially and every way.


Eva is expert in Love Matters. As an energy healer and consciousness coach since 2010, she has worked with thousands of clients, mainly women from all walks of life.

Her work is focused on correcting energy patterns in her clients, so they can align with who they truly are (unconditional love) create a better relationship with themselves (self-love) and with their partners (romantic love).

Eva is focusing on love in her psychic readings for twin-flames and soulmate connections too and gives guidance through her reading and coaching sessions to empaths, star-seeds and lightworkers.

Eva hasn’t always worked in the holistic healing arena though. Her original profession is commercial economist, which is, as far away from being an energy healer, as her native country Hungary is from her adopted one, the UK.

As part of her spiritual path, Eva became a self-taught, spiritual artist. Her channeled paintings are emotionally charged, helping the viewer to remember, who they are.

Eva is a free-spirited, creative soul, Starseed, empath, light-worker, whose mission is to connect people with their soul and help them raise their vibration, as humanity shifts to the 5th dimension.


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  • Love the Beautiful work that you are doing to raise the consciousness of our people.
    It would be a real privilege to be guided by you.

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