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Following our Heart (to Empowered Decision-Making)

How to learn to trust your heart over your head. We are taught at school, in the workplace and by society as a whole to make carefully thought out decisions, based on analysis, data and facts and take appropriate action. But what often happens is that we forget about the role of our heart and feelings. Feelings are a barometer of our energetic well-being. We forget to ask the critical question of whether this “feels” right, “is it in alignment with my soul’s purpose?” We are so detached from our body and our soul when we rely solely on the head to guide us. We make choices that restrict flow and cause dis-ease. After my own “heart” lessons, I’ve changed the way I go about self-empowerment – I allow ideas to flow through my head, but I anchor them to aligned action by connecting these with my heart. I use the Energy Alignment Method to assist in joining our 3 main energy centers and allowing the heart to lead the way. This is what my talk will be about and will relate my own personal experiences.


I am highly qualified marketing professional, energy alignment coach and holistic therapist. I empower women through energy work and in-flow marketing strategies to embrace their highest potential and build their unique Passionpreneur business.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching women who have been stressed by financial lack, who have been paralyzed by fear of making the wrong decision and taking the wrong fork in the road. I’ve helped my clients with a combination of energy and mindset work and newfound spirituality to trust in their own energy and instincts, to release what’s no longer serving them, to align to a high energy frequency and to trusting in a co-creative Universe to create clarity and to bring their plans, dreams and desires to fruition. When my clients start to do so and let go of the need to be perfect and in control, the miracles unfold…


 A free Energy Alignment Method session via Zoom worth £100 – 90 minutes dedicated to releasing any resistance (limiting beliefs, fears) and improving mental and emotional well-being in aligning to a high vibration of empowerment, freedom and love.

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