Elizabeth Russell – USA

Radical Belonging: a better dream of Earth

There has never been a more beautiful moment to change how we think about ourselves and the world.

Join Elizabeth Russell for an introduction to Radical Belonging, a path toward reconnection with the consciousness in nature.
We will discuss why this vital approach to life has been overlooked, and ways we can restore our birthright relatedness with the circle of life.
How can re-aligning yourself with Natural Time bring greater ease and well-being?
What does the Generative Imagination have to do with building a better future?
When did you stop thinking about the world as alive, and how can Animism re-enchant your life?
Learn about the world of Dreamfruit and how this amazing and unique tool can re-awaken your vital connection with all life.


Spend any time with social artist and witch, Elizabeth Russell, and you will be reminded of the enchantment of Earth and the vital role of human imagination in the future of all life.

Elizabeth is the creator of Dreamfruit, an annual series of books and tools designed to activate creative responses to our changing world.

For more than 25 years, Elizabeth has initiated experiences that deepen community bonds and enliven creative self-expression as a means of positive cultural evolution.

She lives in Oregon, where she hosts monthly New Moon workshops and creative processes to inspire radical engagement with the living cosmos.

Visit Elizabeth online at https://elizabethrussell.space



Follow this link to get a free copy of this year’s edition of Exhortations from the Future.

This e-book is a special collection of monthly musings for the year, brought to you by a time-traveling fairy godmother who knows we can make it through the challenges of our time and arrive at a regenerative future.

Read each month’s dream at the time of the new moon and let it activate a collective dreamscape to guide the way toward a more beautiful and aligned world.

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