Dr Svetoslav Bulatov

Spirit, soul and body flux

The talk is about the constant dynamic interaction between spirit, soul and body; the unique combination of gifts and fruits of the spirit; the role of intuition and conscience; the soul journey with its emotional and mental traumas as a challenge for growth; the body’s individual characteristics as a temple of the spirit; body’s metabolic type and microbiological terrain as a guidance for the most effective eating plan, supplementation and exercise; quantum leap bodywork for permanent release of negative cellular memories in order to blossom the gifts and unravel the life purpose to live life to the fullest; to share, inspire and encourage humanity about the unlimited power of unconditional love.


Dr Svetoslav Bulatov (Dr B) was born in Ruse, Bulgaria on 4th of June 1966. He has graduated as a medical doctor from Medical Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1992 as well as a homeopath from London College of Classical Homeopathy, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1995.

Dr B has done continuous self studies in iridology and nutrition with Dr Bernard Jensen from 1989 to 2001.

He is a registered homeopath, ethnomedicine and traditional medicine practitioner in South Africa.

Dr B has been consulting and lecturing in iridology, homeopathy, metabolic types, microbiological terrain, chronic diseases, weight loss, infertility, sexual health, integrative oncology, anti-ageing, personal, interpersonal, career, exercise guidance and release of negative cellular memories in Sofia, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Mbabane, Cape Town, Newcastle, Nelspruit, Lusaka, Maputo, Secunda, etc. for the last 28 years.

He has obtained the following diplomas from www.alison.com:
1. Diploma in business communication skills.
2. Diploma in psychology.
3. Diploma in human anatomy and physiology.
4. Diploma in human nutrition.

Dr B has been granted many certificates from www.alison.com

He has done numerous health talks and presentations on various health topics during the years.

Dr B has been a guest on different radio and TV shows like 702, Chaya FM, Channel Islam, BBC Food, Real Health on Home Channel 176, etc.

He has been writing a book “Elohim’s creations, metabolic types, microorganisms and enemies to health” since 2008. The book gives profound insights about diagnosing, preventing and treating various chronic diseases. It has not been published yet.

Site: www.richesofhealth.co.za
Fb: drbulatovsinnovativehealthsolutions


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