Dr. Jimmy Henderson – Video

Exploring Your Subconscious mind

Dr. Henderson takes you on a journey through your subconscious mind.  The talk is interactive and contains exercises to help you discover your authentic self and make contact with your soul.   

The four stages of consciousness’

Dr. Henderson will be suggesting that the development of the human consciousness passes through four distinct stages, namely the instinctual, the schematic, the cognitive and intuitive stages. Knowing the attributes of these stages will help us to see where we are in terms of consciousness and to plan for our further development.

The power of active visualization

Active visualization or spontaneous imagery is a phenomenon in which you create an inner visual screen for your subconscious mind as well as spiritual personalities to communicate and interact with you. There are sound psychological principles involved in the development of of this skill which Dr. Henderson will explore in this talk. This talk will be very important to those of you wishing to make full use to the power of meditation and visualization in your own spiritual development.

The process of spiritual development as introduced in metaphysics follows a path similar to normal personal growth in which spirituality can be seen as the top end of the self-development curve.

Dr. Henderson discusses the various stages involved in metaphysical and spiritual development in terms of a growth curve beginning with self-exploration and self-knowledge, (developing our consciousness to raise our intelligence quotient or IQ ), moving onto a balancing of our emotions (developing our emotional quotient or EQ), and finally introducing spiritual and metaphysical practices such as meditation which unfold our spiritual potential or quotient (SQ). This brings us to the point of self-actualisation in psychology, which can be equated with spiritual wholeness.


Dr Jimmy Henderson is a cognitive scientist and metaphysician with an Honours degree in Philosophy (metaphysics) and a Ph.D in Psychology from the University of South Africa.

He has studied mind and spirit for over thirty-five years as a member of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) and was also a Lifeline counsellor and trainer for over 30 years .

He is now a distance tutor for UNISA in psychology, a distance facilitator for Metavarsity and the published author of a number of books, e-books and articles on the power of the mind and spiritual development.

He has been a guest speaker at many different venues as well as on local SA radio stations.

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