Diane Brear- South Africa – Video

Meeting Your Shadow Self

The Shadow Self represents all the aspects of ourselves that we have repressed and hidden in our subconscious due to conditioning. These hidden aspects often sabotage our lives as they seek attention. Engaging in Shadow Work will empower you to become more integrated, whole and authentic. It is a profound process of positive change and transformation which will help you to understand you shadow triggers and uncover the gifts that are lying dormant in your subconscious.


Diane is the creatrix of AnamCara’s Healing a safe space to receive Reiki, Crystal Light Chromotherapy and Soul Retrieval. A passionate teacher she offers courses in Reiki, the Shadow Self Process and various personal development modules. Due to the current circumstances she provides distant healing session and her meditations and classes are conducted online.


 Mini Shadow Tarot Reading – discover your shadow aspects through this mini reading.

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