Dialina Baumann- South Africa

Three Cheers to Access Bars!

I would love you to relax & let go of all thoughts, feelings, and emotions as I guide you through the wonder-filled world of Access Bars®; and share with you some of the magical and practical tools of Access Consciousness® – tools to make your life easier, better, kinder, happier.


I discovered “the Bars” about 8 years ago when a friend asked me to be her “guinea pig” so that she could practice her newly found tools from Access Consciousness®. I was only too keen to play along, to learn something new, to add to my “self-help regime”. I was always looking for something that would keep me positive, and that would help me deal with the stresses and strains of a job that I loved, but that was becoming more stressful and demanding by the day.

It turned out to be so simple and easy – no mess, no fuss, no “snot en trane”. The hardest part was permitting me to lie down and to relax.

Today I share this technique with anyone who is looking for a different way of being with themselves; to see what it’s like to be kind, caring & nurturing for themselves; to be happy, and to embark on the magical journey that is life. Join me for an Access Bars® experience.


 1 X Free Access Bars Session.

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