Dee Gutierrez – Australia

The Evolutionary Zodiac

The 12 archetypes of the Astrological zodiac are always moving forward, evolving and revealing so much about our ever changing human nature. In this talk we will talk about each of the dynamic nature of these signs, and how they represent, not only the cycle of life, but also how they reveal new levels of awareness. New ways of being that we have no being before, that as evolving as our world is changing. Discover with me, the nuances and depths of the natural zodiac, all the way from the ignition of Aries, to the serenity of Pisces. Hope to see you there!


Dee Gutierrez is an Evolutionary Astrologer who has been practicing astrology for over 25 years, and has been focused on Evolutionary Astrology since 2016. She is in partnership with Paul Williamson and they form Soul Pathways which offers workshops, retreats, and presentations. Dee has a spiritual counseling approach to Astrology, through her own business, Soul Compass. A philosophical, deeply intuitive session that inspires and gives great personal insight. Dee has 7 spiritual guides who work along side her, and she often channels them via readings or workshops.

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