David Walther – Video

Wellness and Meditation for everyone

An introduction and teaching of mindfulness meditation.
Pointing out some of the important pitfalls to avoid, and the more important points to embrace.

Aimed at all levels of abilities, from beginners to more experienced meditators. Everyone will get something from this video.

A mind-blowingly simple way to relax and meditate, with clear concise instruction and guidance, delivered in a calm, positive down to earth manner. Once learned you can take this with you and place in your tool box of abilities to be used every day. Enjoy!


David Walther was born in West London, England. His early career was spent serving in a large public sector organisation for many years, working closely with people from all walks of life. In 1996 David spent ten years studying Hua Tuo Qi Gong, a rarer form of self-healing Qi Gong under a Chinese Master who had emigrated from China. His first introduction to Chi or Universal energy, it wasn’t long before David could transmit and manipulate this energy himself.

David has spent over two decades training, learning and qualifying in numerous modalities and techniques to be more at peace within himself. Enhancing physical, emotional and mental well being. Swiftly realising he wished to pass this knowledge on to assist others, he started to teach these techniques to all levels of people from all walks of life. From beginners to more advanced, focusing particularly in the field of wellness and self development.

David has experience in teaching groups or one on ones. Trained in many forms of holistic therapies, David puts all these into his tool box to help people grow and evolve within themselves to become calmer, more focused, productive and reduce stress in their lives.
This will permeate all aspects of their life, both personal and business, enabling people to be more productive, focused and happier within both their work environment and at home.

Now living in Surrey, England, David continues to learn and evolve whilst teaching and healing clients. Find out more about David and his work here: www.davidwalther.co


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  • Hi David – I enjoyed watching your video. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us in such an easy-to-understand way. I started meditating at the beginning of the year, but I never learned the basics. I joined a spiritualist church and in the service, they do a meditation. I sort of learnt on the job, but haven’t had any training as such. That said, I do get results and I’ve noticed that ever since I began meditating, positive changes have occurred in my life. I’ll subscribe to your YouTube channel. Thank you.

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