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How to energize your life

Life energy is a broad topic: energy affects our well-being, our health, our relationships, nutrition, our environment – and yes, even money is energy!
So there are very many topics we can discuss together.

In my talk I want to share my techniques and tools with you and inspire you to get back fully into your energy. My vision is that everyone is responsible for their own energy and also knows how to deal with it. That’s what energy-on stands for!


In my search for a holistic solution to my health problems, I came across the Biofield Method, an energetic healing method based on quantum physics. As an electrical engineer, I was so fascinated by this method that I really wanted to learn it myself.

Therefore, in 2017, I attended the relevant training’s at the Society for Biophysical Medicine (GBM – Then, in September 2020, I completed additional training’s as an Energy Coach at the Vadim Tschenze Academy.

My path has a lot to do with self-responsibility for my own health. I now take time for myself. I feel so much better and above all I have learned a lot and continue to learn.

Since then, my vision has been to support as many people as possible in their self-healing.

Author of: “10 simple energy hacks, that will boost your life’s energy”



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